Sunday, October 2, 2016

Arapaho Park (revisited)

Arapaho Park is a neighborhood park that we visited in the 2013 quest.  You can go have a look at that post to see a number of detals about the park, plus some photos I took at the time.  It's a pretty simple (but nice) park and there is not much to remark about.  For this post, I'll just add a few points.

1) The sign out in front of the park has much nicer landscaping now:

2) There was no sign of the "hideout" from the 2013 post.

3) Here is my track from Garmin Connect, which shows a way you can safely bike to Arapaho Park from the southern part of Olathe: click to view

Olathe Parks & Rec page on Arapaho Park